Holidays bring us together, they give us reasons to stop and spend the little time we have with our loved ones. At SaSaZu we cherish and value these moments and this month we would like to bring North American thanksgiving to Czech Republic. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, we are thankful for you, our customers. Thank you for being loyal, supportive and thank you for being with us in these times.

We have created a Thanksgiving menu for 4 persons, of course our Asian style. The menu consist of:

  • whole roasted duck, stuffed with sticky rice, sausage, shiitake mushroom and chestnut
  • 4 portions of maple glazed roasted vegetables
  • 4 portions of stir fried green beans
  • 4 portions of sweet potato soup
  • 4 portions of coconut tiramisu
  • bottle of mulled wine

Menu is available from November 16th till November 29th 2020. After purchasing "Thanksgiving menu" we will call you back to discuss pick up date and time (please note 24 hours for preparation). Menu can be „ready to eat“ or it can be vacuumed so you will just finish it in your oven at home.

We trully hope that you will enjoy our special with your beloved family and friends.

Team SaSaZu

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