Equinox celebration

23.03.2013 / 22:00 - 05:00


Ladies and Gentleman,

EQUINOX is a unique time of the year when the duration of the day and night is the same, and in many cultures this is a symbolic time to "restart" your life in a new positive way and give a chance to a better future.

That is why you should spend this precious moment in the most exquisite company of people in Prague and enjoy this magical night to the fullest! The main headliner is the highly regarded superstar singer AYSA (KAZ), who is flying from the opposite side of the world to Prague just for this night! DJ line up will be truly international - Justice Vendetta (RUS), Tony Angelo (UKR), Siluyanov (KAZ) accompanied by Czech duo of producers and DJs Andy Dandy & Tommy Trouble.

Come down to enjoy the celebration of EQUNIOX to SaSaZu!