08.06.2013 / 22:00 - 05:00


Trancefusion Club Edition returns - full of international stars!

BTL Agency is delighted to announce a special club edition of Trancefusion in the beginning of June at Club SaSaZu Prague. In Trancefusion tradition the line up of tremendous talent brings the promise of a very memorable night.

Artist Time Line:

21:45 Doors Open

22:00 – 23:15 Thomas Coastline

23:15 – 00:30 Nitrous Oxide

00:30 – 00:45 Susana live

00:45 – 02:15 Tenishia

02:15 – 02:30 Susana live

02:30 – 04:30 Andy Moor

04:30 – 06:00 Bjorn Akesson

Help for ZOO Prague – “PARTY ANIMALS FOR REAL ANIMALS!” The current flood situation in the Czech Republic is important to us, and we wondered how we could actually help. We opted for targeted assistance: We will donate 50 CZK / 2 EUR from every ticket we sell to this Saturday's Trancefusion Club Special Edition - Moor Music 100 Party at the club SaSazu to the Prague Zoo. The monies will help little with the after flood clean up and removal of debris. Immediately after the event we'll release the transparent phone number and proof of transfer to the account of the Prague Zoo. Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

Card Member Access VIP entry, preferred access and complimentary coat room available for club card holders.

Which stars will shine in Prague on June the 8th?

ANDY MOOR Known by millions of trance fans around the world, this British producer and DJ was with us as a special guest of our Spring Edition in 2012. Now after more than a year he returns to Prague as the headliner of this Special Club Edition.

TENISHIA Trancefusion Autumn 2012 surprised many fans with fantastic new talent, including this dynamic duo. Their performance garnered so many positive reviews that the choice to bring these two happy go lucky charmers from Malta was an easy one - this time to demonstrate their awesomeness in a club environment. In the latest DJ MAG TOP 100 poll Tenisha surged into the ranks of "top fifty DJs on the planet"!

BJORN AKESSON Trancefusion prides itself in always bringing new and fresh names in trace music to Prague. This Swedish producer is currently "ON FIRE" and is sure to leave an indelible mark with his surprising performance for all his soon to be fans.

NITROUSE OXIDE This Polish smoothie is rightly regarded as a great talent in the trance world and the fantastic night at SaSaZu will culminate with his unforgettable style.

THOMAS COASTLINE Tomas' name is synonymous Trancefusion - not only for his dynamic regular performances, but as one of the creative forces behind the production elements in Trancefusion trailers, radio spots and night of show intros.

SUSANA (LIVE) One of the remarkable things about Trancefusion is that almost every edition welcomes live singers and musicians to jam with DJs . This time Trancefusion welcomes from Holland Susan, whose unmistakable vocal talents have been featured on many a dance hit.

TRANCEFUSION – a deep "trance-fusion" into the veins of the Czech music scene! You'll be reborn after this unforgettable night! More on or

Tickets available on Ticketstream from 25. 2. 2013. The first 300 classic tickets for CZK 390 including all service fees, then for CZK 490 and finally CZK 590 at the door. GOLDEN VIP: the first 30 tickets for CZK 890 Kč, then CZK 990 and CZK 1190 the night of the show. DIAMOND VIP: The first 30 tickets at 1890 Kč, then CZK 1990 and lastly CZK 2190 day of show. DIAMOND VIP includes all you can drink at the bar. For more details on all ticket categories . Direct Sales link: or call 734 538 699. Requests for home delivery can be sent to,(CZK 84 service fee). No entry under 18 years old

Official after party – STUDIO 54, Hybernská 38, Praha 1