Joker Out

22.11.2023 / 19:00 - 23:00


The Slovenian sensation and one of the main discoveries of this year's Eurovision Song Contest Joker Out is heading to Prague!

Joker Out is a young Slovenian band that has been gaining more and more international attention in recent years. The five-member project gradually developed its own sound combining energetic rock and catchy melodies and earned the label Shagadelic Rock'n'roll. The band was created as a project of enthusiastic students. Over time, it gained more and more popularity in native Slovenia, and earned many awards. In 2022, they released their second album, Demoni, and as part of the tour they will perform in the biggest Slovenian arena, Stožice.

In 2023, the band competed the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Carpe Diem and placed twenty-first in the grand final. This was followed by a European tour, inclusion in the Artists to Watch 2023 list of the IMPALA association and the release of the single New Wave, which the band recorded together with the legendary Elvis Costello.

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The concert is organized by Charmenko Czechia.