Prague Bratislava

During this unique pop up experience you will walk through a narrow staircase and find yourself straight into the back alleys of Jakarta. Discover what is hidden inside! Unique tastes, smells, atmosphere and entertainment will accompany you deep until this exciting night. All under the guidance of five Pandava brothers. Five is the designation of five Pandava brothers, the sons of Pandu Dewanata Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa.

The menu serves a mix of Indonesian street food elevated to the level of European fine dining. You start the evening with authentic Indo street food finger foods and starters and continue your evening to a newly discovered trendy culinary concept of rice table. Based on Indonesian tradition, the rice table served as a way to show the wealth of the family and it brings many loving memories to both our chefs who used to enjoy this concept with their families and friends. Come and enjoy SaSaZu’s latest excursion out of Holešovice into the great central setting of Restaurant Bistro Kaprova!

The price for one person is 1 500 Kč. Book your table and come and enjoy the evening with your friends and family! Limited seating. For reservations, please, call +420 227 777 770.

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