Prague Bratislava

Our wine card has grown with some fine pieces of wine. We traveled around the world to taste them. We chose those that are best suited to our dishes and which are made to create a part of SaSaZu. Come and try them now at our restaurant!

Ryzlink Vlašský (Welschriesling) Pozdní sběr 2016 - A light mineral wine from Vican winery with pleasant linden aroma with fruity and honey flavor, it is characterized by long lasting taste. It tastes perfectly with Thai Papaya Salad, Volcano Scallops or Hong Kong Roll.

Tramín Červený (Traminer Rot) Výběr z hroznů 2017 - Wine from Czech winery Skoupil with melons scent and with cayenne pepper. The wine is prepared with cryomaceration and it perfectly pairs with Bombay Butter Chicken, Ga Curry, Phnom-Penh Fish.

Pálava Pozdní Sběr 2017 - Another great wine from our new card with softly golden color from Vican winery with intense, florid taste with honey character. The tastes are with tones of lemon balm, peaches and honey. The wine is perfect especially for the ladies and it tastes great with Chicken Lemon or Kabayaki Unagi Roll.

Riesling Quarzit - Wine from German vinery Peter Jakob Kuhn with deeply citrus color and intense fruit scent. Great wine which you will value its taste especially with Cha-Zu-Rha, SaSa Crispy Roll or Bago Calamari.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel 2016 - Austrians enhanced our new wine card with a wine from Austria winery Weingut Emmerich Knoll with spicy-fruity scents and apple aroma. It tastes wonderful with Ko Pi Pi Lobster Soup, Singapore Crab Chili or Trassi Dorade.

Grüner Veltliner Smaragd “Loibenberg” 2016 - Austrian wine from Weingut Emmerich Knoll winery, hedonist wine with great balance and citrus aroma. It freshen our new wine card with it lightness which pair perfectly with Tataki, Cod-Salmon Tartar or SaSa Crispy Roll.

Grüner Veltliner Smaragd “Bodenstein” 2015 - Another Austrian wine of Prager winery with golden yellow color with pure, full and complex flavor. It tastes perfectly with Tataki, Balinese Monk Fish or SaSa Crispy Roll.

Macon Cruzille Bourgogne Blanc “Les Perrieres” 2016 - Very lively and mineral wine from France from the Domaine Guillot Broux winery decorates our new wine card. It takes at least two or three years to show its true colors. Try it out with Seafood Curry, Balinese Monk Fish or Hanoi Shrimps.

Vermentino - Italian wine from the Rocca di Frassinello winery, with a delicate touch of fruit, balanced flavor. Its acidity promotes the mineral component. It tastes wonderfully with Phnom-Penh Fish, Ga Curry or Bang Chang Shrimps.

Sauvignon Blanc Organic - Chilean semi-dry wine of the Cono Sur winery with the aroma of rhubarb and green apples with light taste. It pairs perfectly wth Thai Papaya Salad, Hong Kong Roll or Cha-Zu-Ra. Come try it out!

Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) Pozdní sběr 2016 - Wine from Vican winery of ruby color with a distinctive aroma of wood, cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. Fruit flavor complemented by tones of chocolate, coffee and sweet spices. It completes dishes such as Burma Roll, Indochina Duck Salad or Bo-La Lot. Connection which you can taste only at our place.

Rulandské modré (Pinot Noir) Výběr z hroznů 2015 - Wine from Czech winery Skoupil of garnet color with brick glare. In the smell and taste, there are primarily tones of raspberries and blackberries with elegant smoke at the end. It enriches dishes such as Tan-Tan Roll, Beef Rendang or Stone Oven Crispy Duck.

Macon Cruzille Rouge Beaumont 2015 - French wine from the winery Domaine Guillot Broux with a pepper scent for lovers of elegant and light wines. It tastes great with Bangkok Beef Salad, Lumpia Duck Roll or Bago Calamari.

Rossj Bass 2016 - Italian wine of Gaja winery, deep yellow in color, with a smell of citrus, flowers and a hint of honey. Elegant wine with a strong character. It pairs perfectly with Trassi Dorade, Lombok Octopus or Malaysian Lobster.

Macon cruzille rouge beaumont 2015   domaine guillot broux fr